Remember last month, I told you about Tavern Island?  The island that is for sale with NYC views of the coast of Connecticut?  Well, if you want it you better hurry!Reports are in that Heidi Klum is interested in buying the island.  I knew this wouldn't last on the market!

The 3.5 acre Island has views of New York City, was built in 1900 and has several houses on the property!  The island with a private beach and a lap pool outside is on the market for only $10,995,000.

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If Heidi Klum truly has interest in buying Tavern Island, she will join these stars who already own islands - Mel Gibson, Tyler Perry, Celine Dion, Richard Branson and Johnny Depp!  They all own islands!  I can only imagine what their islands look like!

Now, I REALLY want an island.  So I ask again, who wants to split this with me!  Come on, we don't have much time!