Whisky is a man’s game. Kicking back with a glass is a testament to our manhood, but it doesn’t seem like the stuff gets enough credit. That is until recently. It sounds like the testosterone-laced drink is finally gaining well-deserved attention these days, and we have some Scottish drunkards to thank.

The largest jug of single malt Scotch whisky is currently on exhibition at the Scotch Whisky Experience over in Edinburgh through April, and it’s big enough to hold 150 bottles of normal-sized whisky. That’s about 5,250 drinks or $8,000 worth of boozy goodness.

Think that’s impressive? It took 14 people to fill up the whopper whisky and pop a massive custom cork into the sucker.

Taking a picture with the jug would be cool and all, but after it’s off display, who’s gonna drink the stuff? Guess we’ll have to book a booze cruise over to the land of the Scotch in April.

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