Emmylou Harris has issued a plea in her alleged hit-and-run case from October 2012.

The iconic singer-songwriter has pleaded no contest. ToC reported last December that Harris was being investigated for the accident after reportedly failing to stop when she hit another vehicle on L.A.'s 405 freeway. The law there does require both drivers to stop if there is any vehicular damage, but Harris kept driving. The other party then filed a complaint about the incident in Beverly Hills.

TMZ says that the 'If I Could Only Win Your Love' singer is now pleading no contest after her representatives spoke out for her earlier this year, saying she didn't realize she'd made contact with another car. The rep furthered that this kind of thing happens frequently on the 405, and that Harris and the other vehicle only "unintentionally rubbed bumpers."

Harris was charged on Jan. 30, without word from her representatives. The singer gave her no contest plea to a lesser crime, which was failing to provide her information at the scene of an accident. According to TMZ, she has been ordered to pay $5,000 to the victim by the end of this week. She will not be placed on probation as a result of the incident.

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