Dolly Parton has probably sung her iconic tune "Jolene" thousands of times at this point, but she’s always up for a new take. The legend joined up with her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus, and the a capella group Pentatonix for a modern rendition on The Voice on Tuesday (Nov. 29), and though it is a far cry from the original, it showed off Parton’s skillful songwriting and vocals just as well.

Cyrus has been getting in touch with her country roots on The Voice, including a performance of "There’ll Always Be Music" with her team, and now with Parton’s classic. The a capella prodigies have taken on “Jolene” with Parton before, but adding Cyrus put a new level of power behind the song.

Cyrus and Parton began the song in unison, with Pentatonix providing the accompaniment, soon splitting up lines and breaking into harmony. It’s clear Cyrus looks up to her godmother and adores the song, infusing her vocals with conviction as she sang. Parton’s vocals shone, as usual, bringing the unique personality and style to the song only she can. Pentatonix took the second verse, adding their flawless harmonies in a way that it’s easy to forget there are no instruments involved.

The impressive performance wasn’t the only one from Parton that evening. She also joined Jennifer Nettles for the song "Circle of Love," from her new movie Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love. Nettles portrays Parton’s mother in the film as well as its predecessor, Coat of Many Colors, both based on Parton’s childhood. The film, which makes its debut Wednesday night (Nov. 30), tells the story of Parton’s family banding together to forsake their own Christmas presents to get her mother the wedding ring her father could never afford.

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