David Letterman is still my favorite late night talk show host. I think he’s one of the funniest people.

Although he's interviewed many high profile people, including President Obama, who he's also mad jokes about, he’s had his bumps through the years with people stalking him and some trying to blackmale him. Politicians like Sarah Palin getting mad at him. Let’s not forget his health problem, with his quintuple-bypass surgery. These are just a few of the problems he’s had to overcome, but now this one’s a little more serious. It’s a death threat. According to a story from AP, the threat against his life was posted on a jihadist website. A contributor to that website urged Muslim followers to "cut the tongue" of the late night host because of a joke and gesture David had made about al-Qaida leaders on a show that aired earlier this year. The “Late Show” host returned from vacation last night, and in typical Letterman fashion joked about it.

This makes me wonder about those al-Qaida folks. Do they think that David Letterman is a threat to their countries? I can hear it now – “Nevermind the nuclear bombs and suicide bombers, here comes David Letterman.”

Death threats to David Letterman - What is the world coming to?