Boy, this was one heck of a chore.  I have every stinking type of battery in my house except the one you want.  Am I alone here?   In this case, it's the D battery.  I've learned the hard way that D of  stands for DEPLETED

Noone has them!  Last nite we went looking and found nothing.  I flew off  to Home Depot in Schenectady at 8:30am today and there were cars in the parking lot already.   But I found alternatives, and decided to prepare an audio report for you recorded into my phone from my car on the way home.

I haven't opened this yet, but I like having it "at the ready" .  Recharges in your car!

Good luck to you all, and keep listening for complete hurricane coverage on WGNA FM.  (Have you downloaded Radiopup yet?  That's our app for smartphones.  That way you can carry WGNA wherever you go!  You can also "listen live" from your computer (if it's charged and you have internet connection!)

Have you found D batteries anywhere?  Let us know in the comment section!  Thanks!