Your Town Thursday is building momentum.  I've gotten several requests for towns to pay tribute to in the future, and I am definitely building a list.  But since we are going to Cooperstown today I thought I would make them the town for this week, if you don't mind!

Cooperstown is a beautiful place if you've never been.  It's known of course for the Hall of Fame, and eveything else that's "baseballish".  But there are many more things to consider when going there.  If you want more information , you can do what I did and check out the Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce website.  It's got GORGEOUS photos on there.  Much better than the ones I'm going to attempt to take when I'm there.

There's the Farmer's Museum, Hyde Hall, the Otesaga Hotel (we're staying there! ) the quaint downtown area. and so much more.  Hope you listen to the show over the next couple of days.  We'll have all the information, and we'll be sending pictures, facebook messages and blogs from the area and more.

But I thought I would kick off our good time with a theme that tries to rhyme all of this information.  In the spirit of parody, I used "Crazy Town" , by Jason Aldean as the starting off point and took it from there.   By the way, all of the guitar sounds on this recording are coming from my KEYBOARD!  Amazing what you can do with one instrument these days!  Anyway, here it is , folks!
Cooperstown your town thursday by WGNA-FM