Brett Eldredge and Kellie Pickler were both victims of a Twitter hacking late Saturday night (June 4).

As of publication time on Sunday morning (June 5), Pickler's account appears to be back to normal -- her last tweet was sent on May 30, in honor of Memorial Day -- but NashvilleGab shares screenshots of the hacker swearing at followers and telling followers to follow what is presumably the hacker's account. One especially intense tweet was directed at country-turned-pop star Taylor Swift and reads "I hope you die @taylorswift13."

Eldredge's account, meanwhile, still has a few of the hacker's tweets up as of publication time. They're mostly gibberish, but one is directed at the country star, telling him to send the hacker a direct message: "I'll help u bruh," the hacker tells Eldredge.

"u could keep deleting tweets I didn't even secure ur acc hahaha," a follow-up tweet reads.

NashvilleGab reports that, at one point, it appeared as though the hacker had deleted Eldredge's account entirely. Fortunately for the singer's fans, his account is up and running -- but the hacker's account has been suspended by Twitter.

Eldredge and Pickler aren't the only celebrities whose Twitter accounts were hacked recently: On May 30, pop singer Katy Perry's account was hacked; the hacker responsible for that incident also shouted out Swift. Around the same time as Eldredge and Pickler's hacks, a hacker posted on Tenacious D's Twitter account that the band's co-creator, actor and musician Jack Black, had died.

Back in April, Jake Owen discovered that a Facebook user was pretending to be him and sending out messages to female fans. When he discovered what was going on, Owen called his impersonator out and attempted to contact him during a Facebook Live video session.

“I’m not finished with these creeps,” Owen said at the time. “I will do everything in my power to make sure you all, my fans, are protected from these lowlife people. I love you guys.”

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