A bottle bomb was detonated in Colonie on Tuesday, August 6, 2013, about 5:00 a.m. Someone called the Colonie Police about their car getting hit with something, causing some damage to it. This happened in the area of Central Avenue and Locust Park in The Village Of Colonie, between the Northway and Route 155.

Area Of Bomb
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From a story on News 10 ABC, the officers that went to the scene saw that the vehicle was had been hit with concrete debris that shot into the road by the exploding bottle bomb, which was on the sidewalk. The bomb, which was made of a two liter soda bottle filled with a chemical and an unknown reactive metal. This seems to be an isolated incident, since there have been no other recent incidents of this type.

If you see a suspicious container or device and you don’t know what it’s filled with or is giving off a strange or suspicious odor, stay away from it and call the police.

Colonie Police are requesting the public’s help. If anyone may have been in the area around that time, to please give them a call at 518-783-2744.

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