Warning:  The following is not intended as an endorsement.  But after you read this, you'll say "OF COURSE IT IS", and either agree or disagree anyway, so here goes.

APPLE, INC. gets a ton of praise, but they also get criticised alot.  Mostly for being a “closed shop”-meaning that you have to kiss the ring of Steve Jobs in order to get software approved.  And it’s true.  But that’s why they have total control of what goes on that computer when you turn it on.  You can almost be assured that it’s going to work, and that spammers and mean people aren’t going to infect you quicker than a kiss from Amy Winehou....  (wow-did I just write that?)

And here he goes again.  The APP STORE for your desktop or laptop.  Do you know what this means??

This is HUGE, people!!!  How many times have you bought a program off the shelf at the store, only to find that it doesn’t freeeeeking work?  I bet I have 10 CD Roms that were crap to begin with, never loaded right when you put the CD in, are incompatible in some way.  Or they display some weird error that a Technogeek with a Nobel Prize could only figure out.

I always love this one:   Kernal 4597889593817623.6 missing.  Please reboot and reload disk again. (you know, the scratchy disk that looks like someone used in a knife fight).

And what is a Kernal???  Why did I even ask that?  I have no desire to find out what anKernal is.  Unless he’s the original owner of KFC, I don’t WANT to know.(he was another genius, BTW).    I just want my old video editing program to work!  It worked on my old computer before it crashed.   I buy a new one (to help the economy, mind you) and it doesn’t LOAD! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Well, the app store for your computer is the answer!  You download the whole program right on-line from the store, just like you would do from your phone.  Brainless.  And when updates are available, you are notified, just like on the phone, and you click on it!  And since there’s no packaging, it looks like the programs are cheaper for the consumer.

This company actually learned from themselves!  They saw that little computer programs would sell for use on your PHONE, so why not make bigger versions and sell them AGAIN to us so he can sit on his humongous pile of dollar bills and gloat at the rest of the computer industry who predicted APPLE’s demise not even 5 years ago!

Steve--get a big easy chair and sit on that money.  You deserve it.  Your company is APPsolutely brilliant.  Can other companies learn from him?  Why not make an APP for that too!