Here at the Sean and Richie Show we have a special affinity for the hardworking men and women out there who are the "salt of the earth".  They are the farmers, of which there are many.  It really bugs me to see this latest article.


According to the very short article:

The state's dairy farmers continue to earn less and less for their milk, and producing more, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

It just kills me to read this.  I went to college with a guy who had 30 cows and used to have to milk them before he went to class every morning.  He also had to go home and milk them every nite after class.  I always respected how hard he and other farmers work to just stay ahead.  Combine this with the shortage of corn, and you can see where things are going.

I wish I could get a dairy farmer to write in and elaborate on this.  I guess my simple point is this - the next time you go to the store for a gallon of milk and the price spikes, don't go thinking that it's the local farmer gouging you.  There's a reason.  They'd like to put food on THEIR tables too.






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