I have to be honest, I couldn't believe even this morning that this couple managed to get all the way to Mexico and carry out the taking of their own lives. Yet, Adam Rupeka and his girlfriend Jennifer Ogburn are believed to have died in Mexico of a drug overdose, according to multiple news outlet reports.

Zeta, a Mexican newspaper reported today that the couple has been found dead in their Hotel Cesaer’s room in downtown Tijuana. According to the paper, the two died of a drug overdose. The article goes on to say, based on a rough translation, that this message, "Take our IDs and give them our bodies. Nobody knows we're in Mexico,” was found on the hotel room mirror.


Police in Troy were notified yesterday that the bodies could be those of Rupeka and Ogburn. They are currently waiting for photos of the scene to confirm the identity.

Both Rupeka and Ogden were being charged with endangering the welfare of a child, sexual abuse and forcible touching. When the couple failed to show up for their court appearances, they started posting on social media that they were fleeing to Canada.

News Channel 10 is reporting that Rupeka was married to another woman. She confirms his death.


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