Ace Hardware has to be a real bunch of happy campers, and so do the folks who work there.  Looks like there's going to be an expansion!  So much negative news about the economy, businesses in New York and  blah blah blah.   It's nice to hear about a company who is expanding and given incentives to do so

. According to the,  the Empire State Development Corporation said that Ace Hardware is going to expand their distribution center in Wilton New York.  I guess it means a few more jobs (25 to be exact) and they would get over $3,000,000 in tax credits.

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They might even expand into other areas too, according to the article.

It's great for Saratoga County, for sure.  I really hope we can get some big companies like this to consider some of the other towns and cities in our area that have been hard hit and could use a boost.  We'll have to see!