I thought I would give credit where credit is due, because I recently ordered flowers for our house and actually was taken aback with what was delivered.  Picture below

Here it is - the delivery from one of our advertisers,  Proflowers.  I know - this sounds like I'm doing a paid commercial here as well, but  I'm not.  This is on my own.  We talk about this  on the air all the time, but I've really never shown you an example in case you are considering ordering them.   This is sitting on our kitchen table as we speak.

photo by Richie Phillips unretouched from my iPhone

Pretty darn gorgeous, huh?  And these have been on the table a week - no lie. And it is very convenient to have them delivered right to your doorstep.

I'll stop here, because it WILL sound like I'm trying to sell them to you. Take a good look at these and decide for yourself.

OK, OK - I'll give you the link just in case you want to find out more information

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