Probing the Purple Pumpkin's Purpose
We've all heard of the Purple Heart, The Color Purple (great movie starring Oprah), Purple Rain, The Purple People Eaters, and even the less popular (and quite painful) purple nurple.  But this Halloween, if you see a purple pumpkin on someone's porch, it doesn't mean they've had it out so long that…
Delicious and Different: Lark St. Restaurant Week
The Center Square portion of Albany is home to unique architecture, interesting attractions and eccentric people, but many feel it's the fantastic food on Lark Street that is often underappreciated.
Lark Street Restaurant Week starts on Friday October 23rd and runs thru Thursday Octobe…
Joey Boombatz #BillsMafia Makes us Wanna Shout
My future brother-in-law, Joey, is a hardcore Buffalo Bills fan. He goes by the nickname Joey Boombatz and he comes on with us to discuss how the Bills will do each week. They have started off the season strong and this week they head to the Meadowlands to take on my New York Jets. What will Joey sa…
Beware of Moose On Adirondack Roadways
If you are planning on driving up the Northway to take a fall drive to leaf peep or go on an adventure in the Adirondacks, make sure you are on the lookout for moose on the roadways.
Coworker's Confession Leaves Quite the Impression
Megan in Rotterdam writes:
I may have slightly flirted with a colleague of mine after I had a few drinks recently.  A group of us went out after work and he and I started talking, joking and things got a little touchy-feely. At the end of the night I gave him a little peck on the cheek.  No big deal …
Massachusetts Doggo Enters 2020 Election
Some dogs run after cars, others run to get treats, but a Fall River, Massachusetts goldendoodle named Oliver Winston Churchill Finelli is running for something a little more prestigious.  He may not be your typical paw-litician, but this handsome boy with the esteemed-sounding name, is running for …
Chrissy Yells Out 'Moons Over Myhammy' at Son's Game
We are very fortunate that we are still playing baseball. Not only because of the pandemic, but the weather has been cooperating too. Ryan only has a few fall baseball games left and I am still cheering loudly to his teammates and at the games as the "Big League Chooch".
Troy Turkey Trot Goes Viral
One of the oldest road races in the country has been forced to go viral this year. In continuing with 2020 and most things having been canceled or postponed, the Troy Turkey Trot is still on, just viral this year.

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