Turkey day is my holiday to host.  Every year Bub's family comes from just south of Buffalo for one of the only meals I actually cook!  The traditional Thanksgiving feast!

If you're hosting Thanksgiving on Thursday like I am, here are a couple of tips to keep it as chill as possible!

1.  Go to the grocery store now.  The closer it gets to Thanksgiving, the crazier the store is gonna get.  Make sure you make a list, don't go hungry, and get there this weekend!

2.  Clean your kitchen. Start out with a clean slate, and like my mommy always taught me, clean while you cook!  Also, remember, if you have guests staying at your house, they are gonna look in your fridge at some point!  Oh, and your microwave... so clean 'em!

3.  Delegate.  It's ok to ask for help!  Have someone else cover dessert!  Have the kids make the decorations and set the table!

4.  Stick to what works.  Don't get too crazy!  What do people want on Thanksgiving? Turkey and the fixins!  So, stick to the classics when it comes to the meal!  If you want to get fancy, pick some make-ahead appetizers to push the limits with!


Actually... on second thought.... just order in!  Or, better yet, meet at a restaurant!

Oh, and remember to breath.... and drink... don't forget the wine.

Happy Thanksgiving!