Today we got to hear from our Hometown (Clifton Park) Biggest Loser contestant, Tumi! Man, she has been doing such a great job on the show, wait til you see her now! . After lasting a very long time Tumi got voted off a couple of weeks ago because the other contestants saw her as the biggest threat.So she is no longer on the show but she has still been training hard to win the $100,000 "at home" prize. We will be seeing her on the upcoming finale trying to get that prize soon., Tumi Ogundala

Tonight will be the ever popular make over show, I wish that she had made it that far but let's be honest, she doesn't need a makeover she just needs that $100,000 so she and her Fiance can have an amazing honeymoon!

If you missed her on the Sean and Richie Show today, here is another chance to hear her. I have to say she has had such a great personality right from the first time we talked to her when the show started. She is just as positive today:

Tumi Part 1:

Tumi Part 2:

And check out this "Where are they now" video from NBC's The Biggest Loser Website:

And don't forget to catch the "Makeover" show tonight on NBC!