Come on, folks.   Zac could use the extra income.  This is why he's started a project to raise money for --you guessed it--potato salad - although after investigating further, I found out something interesting -it's not THIS Zac.  It's ZACK!

According to , good old Zack Brown has started a project with $10.  He's raised $17,000 for POTATO SALAD.  However, it's not THIS Zac Brown.  His name is Zack "Danger" Brown from Ohio!  (i don't have a picture of him, unfortunately)

Getty Images

"Danger Zack" has all kinds of goals here.  For $75 he'll host a pizza party, and for $1000 he will live stream the potato salad making.

He feels that sharing potato salad with the world is a real interactive thing to do.  According to Zack "potato salad isn't controversial, it isn't mean or snarky.  It's something incorruptible that we can all rally around".

Not a bad idea, though some websites are reporting that it's Zac Brown, although I noticed that they spelled Zack this way.  Nice way to get idiots like me to go on the air and promote it without checking my sources.

Oh well, "my badd", I guess.  Sorry for wasting your time (and mine).