1077 'GNA is ready for Zac Brown to hit the SPAC stage on June 1st.We'll see you there for sure as we broadcast live leading up to showtime and this week we're getting you pumped with lawn seats to the show. It's Zac Attack Week and it's easy to win. Each morning this week Sean and Richie will give you the title of a Zac Brown song to listen to during the morning show from 6am-10am and I will be doing the same between 3 and 7 in the afternoon as well. When you hear the tune, be caller 7 and win your Zac Brown lawn seats from GNA.

We'll be in the Route 50 parking lot from 3-6pm live on the air and make sure you decorate your vehicle with as much GNA love as you can. If you show us your GNA in the route 50 parking lot we'll send our judges around to check out your vehicles and the one that has the most 1077 'GNA spirit and give the winner a pair of "hard to get" inside pavilion seats for the Zac Brown concert! Here's some Zac Brown music to get you pumped for the show on June 1st with 1077 'GNA.