That sneaky little kid!!  All this time you thought that he/she was hungry, sick or all of the above, but nooooo!  Little manipulator!

According to a study from BPS Research Digest and, A researcher reviewed over 100 babies and watched their behavior for over 6 months ( break out the Motrin, huh?).  They found that "the infants appeared upset both before and after their tears – but not always".  Hmmmmmm.

Here's an example from YouTube.  Faking or not?  You decide.

Of course, here's the most famous of all crying jags on the web.  Was this fake?  "Charlie Bit My Finger!!!"

Now this baby is REALLY crying but the FATHER is faking it!

That was cute, I have to admit.

Can you tell when YOUR little one is faking it?  Would love to know!