Are you as gullible as I am?  Do you trust what your technology tells you?  Well, I wouldn't be so sure that it's as accurate as they claim!

According to an article at, the most common devices that we use every day have "fibs" and exaggerations built into them to make you feel better!

For example--the office thermometer!  Here's ours:



According to the article, many of the thermostats in offices are FAKE!  They don't even work in many cases, but it makes you FEEL like you have control of them.  (So this plastic cover means nothing?  After all these years?)  We've been duped!!












Then there's the battery level indicator on your cellphone.


I guess when it tells you that you have 1/2 left, you might actually have a little less.  But especially if it shows 100%, it's not true,because if you really did charge your battery up that full, you could ruin it!  So it's actually like 98% full.  Ok, this is no big deal, but we thought you should know.  There's probably  nothing wrong with your phone if it doesn't charge all the way!

Same with the little gauge that shows the bar strength.  Supposedly that has little to do with your actual reception!  So much for that!

Your speedometer?  Lying to you!  Your gas gauge? Same thing!  Check out the article!  I've gotta go.  My cellphone clock says that it's almost time for the morning after-show meeting (boy-I hope THAT's lying too!!-just kidding, boss!