For the first time ever we actually had a little "Coupon Lady" controversy today. When Andrea did her call in, she mentioned that Price Chopper is doing their double gas savings on their gift cards promotion. Andrea said that if you bought 2 $50.00 visa gift cards you would earn 40 cents a gallon on gas, then if you used them to purchase a hundred dollars in groceries, you would save another 20 cents. This would give you a $12.00 savings on 20 gallons of gas. After a caller pointed out that the "activation" charge on those cards is $4.95 we decided that even though you would still be saving $2.10, you would be better off buying one $100 dollar card and saving  a total of $7.05 on your gas purchase, after the cost of activation. That make sense? Whew. I just needed to clear that up as I am very defensive about the Coupon Lady.

Ok. we got that cleared up so now we can move on to your printable shopping list. Every week Andrea puts together a shopping list for you to use with all the best coupon savings already on it. Here is the list for this week at Price Chopper. Happy Shopping!