I can tell you this, I have had long commutes of an hour and commutes as short as 3 minutes, short is way better! But did you know that a long commute could be adversely effecting your marriage?

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According to a 10 year study conducted between 1995 and 2005, if your commute is over 45 minutes you are 40% more likely to get divorced. Wow. That is a pretty significant jump in divorce probability. So I am trying to figure out exactly why a long commute is so damaging.

I do know that according to the study, the chances greatly increase if it is the man in the relationship who has the longer commute, and also if the marriage is less than 5 years old.

So why do you think that younger marriages with a man commuting more than 45 minutes are so susceptible to divorce? The only think I could think of is the lack of time that is spent together at home together , perhaps raising children. The stress of the long day and traffic taking its toll on the man while the being alone at home, perhaps even with a baby can certainly take a toll on a wife. With a young marriage the lack of time together can cause a strain on a relationship, perhaps after 5 years we all actually begin to want some time apart.

I really don't know but I can say, that if this study is indeed true, perhaps there are some young people who may want to move closer to their jobs, is your job really worth losing the love of your life? It may be worth thinking about.

What do you think? DO you have a long commute? If so, do you feel like it is straining your relationship?