You've heard of Reading, Writing and Rhyming?  Now we have Reading, Writing and Publishing! This is a fantastic new service I can get kids to really work on the writing skills plus get their work out there with Boomwriter

Here's the short description.  The teacher signs up for the service at  A professional author sends you the beginning of his/her story, and the kids are challenged to write their own endings.    Here's a video on the subject

What an AMAZING way to get your kids to write, and it's FREE for schools as well.  It's already in 11 different countries and growing .

So get that child of yours off of the video games and let's see some creativity out there!

It's interesting -  I tried this kind of thing myself with the school program.  A class in New York started a song, and a classroom in New Jersey finished it.!    You can hear it right here