" To the left, to the left".  No, I'm not Beyonce,  I'm talking to my car. Not really, but soon it will be possible thanks to amazing technology.  

According to an article in TheDaily.com, there is now new technology for the BMW that will allow you to literally talk to it.

According to the article:

Dragon Drive Message works by letting the driver receive text messages and emails, listen to them, and respond, all without taking his or her eyes off the road. Nuance also plans to add functionality for controlling music and finding directions.   Looks like Apple is going to also do their version of this, incorporating Siri into cars in the near future.  Super cool

Now onto everyone's favorite topic, money.  Cash is so twenty years ago.  Everyone carries ATM cards, credit cards and the like.  The problem?  Too many of them to stuff into a wallet.

A great answer has come from a company called Wallaby Financial .  According to an article at Mashable.com,  this clever company has figured a way for you to carry just ONE card, and it is programmed to know what purchases go to which card.  It costs $50 a year for the service.  (Great idea, but God forbid if it's stolen, huh?)

Here it is - the greatest piece of technology of the 21st century, in my book - the iPhone.  Many have it, but I bet you very few know all the things you can do with it.  Do you have a question about it?  Example - how do you get the iPhone 4s  to know who your wife or girlfriend is just by speaking to it?   What's a quick way to take a picture without wasting time opening up the app and possibly losing the moment?

If you have a dilemma, leave your question in the comment section and I will get back to you in a future article.  And that's today's TechTalk.