I swear, you can't go through even one day without reading about some new fangled invention.  You won't believe what you are about to look at, and I mean that LITERALLY! 

Yes, folks.  Its' here.  A SEE THROUGH TV! (I know, you are not supposed to capitalize things, because it means you are yelling.  BUT I AM YELLING.  IT'S INSANE!   Here's the next big thing, taken from CNN Money.com

This is the Minority Report in the flesh!  It's like having one of those screens that they have on CNN right in your house!

I remember my parents' black and white tv with the antenna on the roof that you could make rotate to get one of the 3 channels that we could receive out in Eastern Long Island.  And now we see THIS?

What's the earliest piece of technology that YOU can remember in your lifetime?  Would love to know.  Leave your comments at the end of this blog here on the inter webs with your new fangled computer that will be out of date in an hour from now!