Rosemary Thomas was recently eating at a Popeye's when she noticed something odd mixed in with her chicken.

Rosemary was recently visiting family in Harlem and made a startling discovery when they were eating out at a local Popeye's: a fried rodent's head mixed in with her chicken! Warning, if you are about to eat - you may lose your appetite:

Yes, that is what you think it is. Rosemary found a fried rat's head mixed in with her chicken. And Rosemary makes a rather disturbing point in her post - she has no idea how much she or her family may have eaten, and what kind of affect if could have on them. She also pointed out the restaurant had a 5 rating from the department of health.

I really feel for Rosemary. I know I sometimes get paranoid when I eat out, because you are trusting others handling your food. I can't imagine how I would react if this happened to me.

And how about the people who prepared this? If this was accidental, it's pretty hard to miss a chopped up rat. Let's hope this is just a that - an accident. I would hate to think someone would do this on purpose.

It's safe to assume diners never want to know if rat tastes like chicken!