I went Christmas shopping this weekend... like allllllll weekend! So I know that my husband was waiting patiently at home for at least two whole days for me to shop! And, according to a new survey, he's not out of the ordinary!

The new survey says that the average man spends more than three weeks of his life waiting for his wife or girlfriend to finish shopping! What!?

The catch? They're only using the times the couple goes shopping together!  So, the average couple goes shopping together two times a month, right? And, the average women spends 23 minutes browsing, trying on things, and buying stuff while the average guy either follows her around or just awkwardly sits somewhere in the store.

All that time adds up to nine hours and 22 minutes a year. And over the average adult lifetime, that works out to about 24 total days! So, all I'm saying is, if you don't wanna wait for me.... don't bother coming shopping with me in the first place!

Merry Christmas!

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