Blake and Miranda have split after four years of marriage. I think all of their fans including me are saddened by this news. Nobody wants to see a relationship fail, and we all loved them together. This of course brings the big question to everyone's mind, why?

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Through the years there have been rumors of infidelity,career strain, and even issues with whether or not to raise a family. The main thing to remember is the word, "rumor", while many have guessed or whispered or played the "I heard, that she heard that he heard" game. SO what is the real reason? The answer is easy, it's none of our stinking business! Only Blake and Miranda know what the truth is and why they have decided to call it quits after four years. And those are the only two people who need to know.

I'm not saying we are wrong for wanting to know, its completely natural and not at all malicious. We care about these people we have welcomed them into our lives, enjoyed their art, watch them on our TVs and take them with us in our cars, we read about them in magazines and we feel in some way that we know them. Te truth is though, we don't know them at all and really it isn't our business and in the end doesn't even matter. It is what it is, a sad ending for the couple and a new beginning for each individual.

I'm sure it will all come out in time , or at least the parts they are willing to share but in the end, this is a time they need to heal and be with those who they are truly closest to. I wish them both well and hope they recover from the loss and heartbreak sooner than later and find the peace and love that everyone deserves.