While the World Health Organization, the U.S. and other countries recommend adults get at least half-hour of moderate workout most days, a new Taiwanese study suggests just half of that will help.  Researchers set out to find the minimum amount of physical activity needed to obtain health benefits and the findings from the study suggest 15 minutes will suffice.

Man, if that's the case, I'm going to go do hot laps around the parking for 15 minutes this morning and then I won't have to go to the dreadful gym when I get out of here.  Unfortuanately, I'm not sure if I believe this Taiwanese study.  While the findings suggest 15 minutes is all you need to live a longer life, I want to know how much time is needed daily to garner weight loss and a longer life.

The study was conducted at the National Health Research Institute in Taiwan by a large group of researchers.  About 416,000 Taiwanese adults were asked how much exercise they did monthly and based on their answers, they were separated into five different groups.  After analyzing their activity and progress, the study found 15 minutes a day or 90 minutes a week cut their risk of death by 14 percent.  Any additional 15 minute bursts of exercise dereased their risk of death by another 4 percent.  Interesting, right?

More information on the study and it's results can be found at the TimesUnion.com.