Here we go New Yorkers!  Look everywhere, in your car, under your bed, in your purses (LADIES I know things can get lost in there). One of us could be holding a 1 MILLION DOLLAR Powerball ticket and lose out on cashing it in!

Photo by Tim Boyle, Getty Images

It's been almost a year and the holder of this ticket: “1-6-7-20-49, Powerball 23″ still has not claimed the prize. The ticketholder has until August 25 or will lose it!!

So, here I am...the good samaritan hoping to help one of you become a millionaire, all out of the goodness of my heart.  Well, that and in hopes you will share some of it with me.

The winning ticket was purchased at Playland Market, a Rye New York deli.  Rye is only a couple hours away...but hey, we all travel or have friends that travel or have friends that live there!  Hey, You never know!!

Now that we all agreed you will pass on this story, and share the wining ticket with me if it's yours, listen to this crazy information!

ABC News and New York State Gaming Commission say that for this fiscal year alone, there are nearly $28 million worth of prizes, ranging from instant tickets and lottery draw games, to Powerball, Megamillions, and the Sweet Million lotto, that have been left unclaimed. The largest sum gone uncollected was $68 million from a Mega Millions drawing in Brooklyn back in 2002.   Imagine, that's almost $100 Million?