Have you ever watched a  radio show happen right before your eyes in the studio?  We're inviting 5 listeners to be a part of the action this Friday morning! 

This is our couch.  It sits right to the left of me.

photo by Richie

It looks a little pathetic without anyone on it, doesn't it?  Wouldn't you like to be sitting here joking around with us on the air?  Don't worry.  We're not going to embarrass you or put you on the spot (except in a fun way) .

Would you like more information, all you have to do is go to our website at www.wgna.com. Fabulous prizes await in our trivia contests.

And if you have a talent , we might even highlight that at some point.  We're open, and the show is loosey-goosey (damn spellchecker corrected loosey and changed it to lousy, but I caught it in time)

So get to the website and sign up.  5 seats go very quickly.