Some people definitely go a little overboard when naming their children.  In America you have a lot more freedom in that department, but not in New Zealand

According to a story at, some people (actually LOTS of them) have tried to name their children everything from Lucifer to Justice and King.  In fact, Justice was applied for 62 times.

Well the government there is not having any of it anymore.  You now have to have the names approved by the "Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages"

I guess it's happening all over.  Here are some more examples of bizarre bany names

This does raise a question.   As bad and cruel and ridiculous as this is, do you think the government should be allowed to tell you what you can name your kid?  Would love to hear your comments below.

This is "Rhymin' Richie" signing off (actually my birthname!)