I had a great time going to these places to tell you about some easy to get to day trips. This one is right near exit 4 of the Northway, with the main entrance on Albany Shaker Road.

It also has an entrance near Wolf Road and one off a side road not far from Sand Creek Road in Colonie. It’s The Crossings of Colonie. I also like to call it Central Park of Colonie.

Unlike some of the other places I talked about like Five Rivers, the Pine Bush Preserve and Six Mile Waterworks, it doesn’t have dirt trails to wander into the woods. The trails are paved and go all around the park. There are a few picnic areas with grills, pavilions, big playground for the kids, The Town of Colonie Veterans Memorial and more.

Don’t forget about the farmer’s market. It’s a very special place for my wife and I because this is where I asked her to marry me. Let me share some pictures of this great family place.

Have you ever been to the Crossings?