I will admit, I wasn't TOTALLY into the holiday spirit until I met some great kids and a great teacher over at the Yates Magnet School in Schenectady!  They're a group that KNOWS what they like-especially when it comes to a list for Santa!



Ms. Toher and I have worked together on several occasions before, and I always look forward to a return visit.  These 3rd grade kids were ready to rock!  They had brainstormed in advance  a list of toys that they were dying to get, as you can see.  We started crossing off the ones that we successfully fit into the lyrics.

As you can see to the right, the are BIG into Apple products.  (why do you think I liked the class?  LOL).    One thing I must mention, however.  They didn't list ONE of the items that one retailer said were the top picks for this age!  (At least not in the song, but when I mentioned the items later on in the class, they all recognized them, so they weren't totally wrong!)






The kids really liked "Deck The Halls", so we took that song and updated the lyrics.  Here's the finished masterpiece (written in 40 minutes- possibly a Readin', Writin' and Rhymin' RECORD)

So now as you hear their fantastic voices, you can sing along!

Download Yates Xmas Song mp3 here

What a great job, huh?   "OK, kids- GROUP SHOT!"

Special thanks to Ms. Toher,  the Principal, Mr Flanders, and a  fantastic sponsor who showered the kids with frisbees and rubber balls- Hannaford Supermarkets- a longtime supporter of education and music!