I openly admit this is not the start to the 2012 season I was hoping for or expecting. However please keep in mind there are 159 games to go. Being swept in any series stings and watching it happen in Tampa Bay with the boring, lazy and almost silent Rays fans looking on is almost too much to handle. That being said it's APRIL! The Mets and Orioles are 3-0, you think that will last? I don't and neither will the Yankees and Red Sox being winless.

With new pitcher Michael Pineda and Joba Chamberlain on the disabled list the pitching staff is stressed. Mariano makes me a bit nervous but he's "The Sandman", he'll get it together. I'd like you all to think back to 1998 when the Yankees started 0-3 and went on to be 1-4 in the first five games. That team went on to win 114 regular season games and sweep the San Diego Padres in the World Series.

So just relax and take a second to realize it's a very long season. I also welcome all the haters to keep hating. That will make it even sweeter for me when the Bombers turn it around.