Hey - you guys come up with the subject and the lyrics - I'm just the piano player on this one!  Bethany started it all with a quote by Jimmy  from his new gig at the Tonite Show.  You guys took it from there 

Here's your song.  I'd write more here, but I'm sure you'd rather hear these creative listeners than me blabbing on.  Suffice it to say, it's all about Jimmy, his Saugerties roots and whether he would make a better host than Jay Leno.  (Although I have my strong opinions on this, it seems that the jury is out amongst you guys out there, and that's cool too).

Here's your new hit to add to all the others that we've done !

 Proud of me, so very  proud of me

Simple man from a simple town known as Saugerties

and tonite we have some dancers that you just gotta see

unfortunately --none of those dancers will be me
Go Jimmy, Go Jimmy, Go Jimmy,  Go Jimmy
One of our listeners thinks they're way off track
"Jimmy, time to pack and bring Jay Leno back"
hey little lady you're talking smack
Jay's too old he'll have a heart attack
Don't listen Jimmy what we say is true
we're very very very proud of you
Nice work people!  We'll add this one to the greatest hits collection!