There's a fantastic new country song by Billy Currington.  You must know the one.  It's called "Like My Dog" , and basically asks the musical question to a significant other, "How come your not more like my dog?".  Well, I thought there was another animal that deserved equal time here!

I actually had a tough time with this rewrite.  I was trying to figure out who in a typical relationship would have the same characteristics as our rather ornery cat "Rascal". 

He doesn't look ornery, I know.  But just try to go near him when he's hungry or wants to be left alone or wants to go out.  You know the drill.  But anyway, who in a typical family would have this same personality?  This is what I came up with.  See if you agree (and apologies to Billy Currington for parodying his song and possibly ruining it forever)

Now Sean and I are having a little friendly disagreement (shocker!!!) He thinks I shoul have left it "open ended" and let you, the listener, dedicate it to whomever you want. 

What do YOU think?  If you want me to, I will recut the song, but I would like to know your opinion first, because studio time is very very expensive.  (Not really - the 'GNA "Wacky Room" is free to use) 

Please leave your comments below.  (Thank God my cat can't comment!)