I've done a complete "180" on Jimmer Fredette of BYU fame. I'll tell you why and see if there's anyone who actually agrees.

Now I feel sorry for him! I see this kid becoming a prisoner of his own fame if the media doesn't leave the guy alone. Just in the course of one game (against Florida State), I dare you to review the game and find one minute where the word "Jimmer" wasn't uttered.

"Jimmer's sure falling short tonite". "Where's the 3 pointers, Jimmer?". "Is Jimmer limping out there?". "Could Jimmer now have health problems?".

I know he can't hear the announcer when he's playing, but I'm sure he can sense the intense pressure cooker that he's in. Plus his name in every blog (mine included), on evert network news show, on posters-- bla bla bla. It's great when things are going your way, but God forbid you have a bad nite on the court!

I just hope he can keep his head on straight through the microscope of the sportswriting pundits. Hey- Sean and I know what it's like! The constant call for interviews, all of the thousands of autograph signings every day after the show...

(uhhh, yea-----right!).