I've only flown first class once, and personally I  didn't think it warranted paying that much more for it.  Thank God I wasn't paying for it.   (I know for SURE I COULDN'T pay for THIS).

It's Etihad Airways, and according to Mashable.com, it's a private room on their swanky new Airbus A380.  It's not just a nice wide seat that reclines more.  It's a 3 bedroom SUITE that two very rich people can hang in.  It has a living room, dining area and bedroom with a shower!!  Check this out!

I flew to England once, and we had these 2 ridiculously cramped seats for a 6 hour flight.  A guy was eating something that I know he didn't purchase on the plane (it stunk), and someone definitely could have used a cpap machine in front of us. Come to think of it,  I would have taken out a loan right there to be moved into this suite.  Would you pay for this if you could?  Would love to know