Would you be willing to pay  more money per trip to Walmart if it meant the employees could make a livable wage?  Walmart has around 1.4 million workers and the majority of them make minimum wage or a little bit more.  That is not a lot of money my friends. Think about it for a second, how hard do you think it would be to raise a family on 8 or 9 dollars an hour?

We all love Walmart's low prices but really, how much more would you spend to bring that 1.4 million worker's wage up to say 12 dollars an hour?  Ten dollars a trip?  Five dollars a trip?  Would you spend that much more if it meant helping families to live better lives?  What if I told you it would cost only 46 more cents per trip to Walmart?

According to a study by the University of California, Berkeley that is what it would cost. Or if you wanted to look at it as a yearly figure, it would be $12.49 a year. That is assuming the average Walmart customer spends $1,187 dollars a year at the store.  And keep in mind that is if the store passed the entire cost on to you , the consumer.

Personally, I'm not even sure I would notice.  Maybe many people would notice a slight rise in prices but if Walmart announced the reason for the increase in price, would it not make you want to shop there even more?  I know I would be much more likely to shop Walmart if they took a stand for their employees, even if it cost me a whole 46 cents a trip. Just to know that I helped the employees, "put on a happy face"!

God Bless.