I'm actually not sure if this offer still stands, but recently at a famous restaurant in New York City they were serving a pizza for $1000!  Think of that when you are shelling out $5.00 tonite at Townsquare Media's huge event:  Pizza Wars.  (See what I did there?  Are you going?)

This is no lie, folks.  Bellissima's Restaurant in New York City has on the menu at $1000.00 pizza (gee, do you deliver?)

You would think the crust is made from crushed diamonds for that price.  Here's the particulars from YouTube

Gee.  Let me think.  Would I rather go to Proctor's Theatre or Holiday Inn on Wolf Road and eat all nite for $5 or get an 8 cut for $1000?  Let me think on that one and I'll get back to you.  Or better yet, I'll see you all tonite and we can discuss!

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