Some call it disrespectful.  Others call it a sign of endearment, or a special bond.  Would you let your child call you by your first name?

I was reading this article recently on  They were discussing this very topic. Some think it's cute. Others think it's a slap in the face to you as a parent.  It doesn't bother some parents at all.  They feel that it shows a special connection.

Parents & children

To some, according to the article, it's almost as if you've been demoted.  To paraphrase, "There are 1 million Bills or Harrys or Barbaras or Sues, but only one mom and dad."  I'm just wondering how you fall on this one.  Please take the poll below.

Thanks.  I will post the results in a follow-up article.  (I have a REAL strong opinion on this one.  I better bite my tongue! )