Most people wouldn't.

This morning Sean and I talked about the new survey that asked people if they'd be willing to give up their internet access FOREVER to save a stranger's life.

The results are shocking.  55% of people say they'd rather keep the internet.

61% of men would pick the internet over a person's life and 47% of women would.

Really guys?!?!

Also revealed in the study -

- 35% would rather keep the internet than cure cancer

- 33% would rather give up their sense of taste than lose the internet

- 30% would cut off a finger

-  20% would give up love

- 15% would give up human interaction

It made me wonder, what would I give up...

The internet is kinda important.  I really can't do my job without the internet.

Would I give up...

wine - yes

a foot - maybe

kissing - no

chocolate - reluctantly, yes... but that would be a challenge

your spouse - yes (wait, is he reading this?)

your pet - yes

coffee - yes, but also difficult

furniture - hmmmmm... yes

shoes - all shoes, or just fancy ones??

sex - NO!

What about you?  How important is the internet to you?

Justin Sullivan,Getty Images