Our own Jake Thomas has mentioned many times that he is a die hard Atlanta Braves fan. Sometimes the saying goes "A win is a win", but I don't know how you can be proud to win a game on a botched call. I have seen alot of bad calls in the past but nothing like this one that occured last night between the Braves and Pittsburgh Pirates.

This is the worst call I have ever seen. He baserunner was clearly out by a mile and the tag was clearly made. Apparently, the ump wanted to go home, he was tired after 19 innings!

I absolutely love the game of baseball, but the last few years I have become fustrated with the umpires. So many bad calls. I'm surprised I haven't busted my TV by throwing a remote at it the way I get fired up sometimes. Football has instant replay and baseball does have it for home run calls, but with things like this it should be used for a whole lot more!