You’re sneezing a lot. Your eyes are watery and your nose keeps running. Maybe you’re having problems breathing, or possibly have a sore throat. Does this sound too familiar?

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you may think that it’s been an extremely tough allergy season. You’re absolutely correct. Even if you only normally suffer a little bit, it’s hitting you harder than normal.

From a report on WTEN, experts are saying that this season is the worst in more than a decade. This is all due to a very snowy winter and rainy spring. It has created the allergens to bud early. Hopefully it can be controlled with a some over the counter medicines. If not, it may be time for a trip to your doctor, and maybe get a prescription.

One thing about all the rain we’re getting, it will pretty much limit your time outside, which is one thing experts recommend doing during this allergy season. Another suggestion is to keep your windows closed.

If you think that it’s only affecting the Albany area, think again. According to AP, there are warnings about the difficult season from all over the country, including allergy specialists from New York to Atlanta, Chicago to California. Hopefully this bad allergy season won’t be around for too much longer. Have you noticed a big time allergy season?