A 33-year-old Glenville woman was driving around Clifton Park around 10:00 a.m. this morning [Wednesday), and had a little accident.


She allegedly drove off the road on Route 146 and ran into a sign post.

After that, she was accused of driving away from the accident scene, but then something else happened. A little further down the road, New York State Police found Kristin Pietrocarlo in her vehicle, which was off the road and stuck in snow.

Pietrocarlo was taken to the Clifton Park State Police Barracks where she was given a sobriety test. According to the story from News 10 ABC, the test results showed that she was allegedly about four times the legal limit with a Blood-Alcohol Content of .31 percent. She was charged with Leaving The Scene Of An Accident, aggravated DWI and Lane Use Violation.