It’s been awhile and I’m sure some people are saying that I’ll believe it when I see it.

We have a winter storm warning for the Albany area from 12 noon today through 6:00 p.m. on Thursday. News 10 ABC’s Steve Caporizzo told us last night that we had a winter weather advisory for tonight, but that could possibly be upgraded to what we have right now.

This storm is expected to bring anywhere from four inches to as much as a foot of snow, depending on where you are. The big problem could be the ice that’s expected. That’s the stuff I really don’t like. The ice build up makes traveling on the roads very dangerous and could cause power outages. Make sure that you have some sort of portable device to listen to WGNA, because we will keep you informed about the storm and any emergencies and school closings as needed. That could be the free 1077 GNA Radiopup app for your phone or fresh batteries if you still have one of the old portable radios. Steve Caporizzo will keep us informed about the storm. Maybe we’ll actually get a winner in the GNA First Flakes Contest.