The best winter driving tip is to not drive in bad weather if you can avoid it. Unfortunately we all have to get to work so here are some tips to get us there and home safely.

If you have to go out try and do so after the plows have been out and the roads are salted – it’s also a poor choice to pass a plow truck. If the roads are icy it is best to give yourself plenty of room behind your car and the car ahead of you- brake gently to avoid a skid. Oh – and keep your headlights on. Cruise control is a generally bad idea if it’s icy. Don’t forget that bridges freeze first and you’re not invincible with four wheel drive.

If you get stuck it does nothing to floor it – actually it does to something, it gets you more stuck. Try turning your wheels back and forth to push some of the snow out of the way and touch the gas lightly to move. If you have a shovel, well duh. If not try rocking your vehicle but check your owners manual first as some vehicles could be damaged this way. Try putting kitty litter or sand down too. If you have none of these things you could try your floor mats but you likely will not want to put them back in your car and use them afterward (the spinning tires could ruin them) because they’ll be wet and maybe worn down.

Do you have any tips you can suggest?