Apple has an app for this, an app for that, an app for everything!  I should know.  I have over 100 of them!   But now Windows 8 is upon us, and it looks like they have their own app store opening! '

The code name supposedly is Windows 8.  That's the new operating system rumored to be coming out.  And it has alot of new features to it, one of which is it's own app store, according to this YouTube video on the subject taken from their recent keynote address


I find it pretty funny, however, that they are not allowed to call it an App Store.  Apple has that one sewn up. ( I'm not even sure they can call them "apps", come to think of it.  So the brilliant minds over at the marketing department at Microsoft have called it STORE.  Maybe because that's about the only word that Apple or some other computer company hasn't trademarked already!

I'm just wondering.  For all of you rabid Microsoft fans, do you think this is going to work?  Do you think it will even approximate the success that Apple has had?  Is it too little, too late?  Am I asking too many questions?   Let me know, fellow geeks!


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